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Fuel Cell Stack
In order to achieve appreciable output voltages several individual fuel cells must be combined to a unit called a fuel cell stack.
The diagram on the transparency shows a fuel cell stack consisting of three individual fuel cells. These are represented as yellow and blue units where the electrolyte (or PEM) is shown in yellow and the electrodes in blue. Adjacent cells are connected by a separator plate (gray with horizontal and vertical grooves) which has a number of task: 1) to provide the electrical connections between the cells, 2) to facilitate gas transport to and away from the cells, 3) to dissipate the heat produced in the cells, and 4) to seal off adjacent cells and prevent fuel and oxidant leakage. In the figure the electrical connections are not shown explicitly, the gas transport channels are represented by horizontal (hydrogen) and vertical (oxygen supply and water exhaust) grooves. Special end plates are attached to the end members of the stack (left and right side, grey). The end plates have electrical connectors for the external circuit as well as hook-ups for gas supply and possibly coolant. Depending on the stack's total output power and the heat generation associated with it stacks are either air- or water-cooled.

Simply by varying the number of individual cells, stacks can be designed for any desirable output voltage. Since the cells are electrically connected in series adding a cell will increase the output voltage. The total output voltage of stack is given by the sum of all individual voltage of cell.

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